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UgCS v.5.0 is out Now! Click here to get started »»»
UgCS v.5.0 is out Now! Click here to get started »»»

Geolux RSS-2-AB water surface velocity measurement kit

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The Integrated System with Surface Velocity Radar uses radar technology to provide contactless measurement of surface flow velocity. The radar operates in K-band (24.075 GHz to 24.175 GHz), providing flow speed readings ten times per second over serial RS-232. 

The main advantage of using a sensor on a UAV is the ability to perform measurements in hard-to-reach places without existing infrastructure. The entire process is automated thanks to the onboard computer SkyHub and UgCS Mission Planning software. The sensor installed on the UAV can perform measurements at a specified point. 

Typical applications:

  • Used in hydrological and hydrographic research, environmental monitoring, engineering projects in water supply, and other fields
  • Accurate discharge monitoring in rivers
  • Monitoring of flow and irrigation channels
  • Early flood warning
  • Flow tracking in salt and copper mine channels

Kit includes:

  • Geolux RSS-2-AB sensor
  • Mountings
  • Cable to connect the sensor to SkyHub onboard computer
  • Software for sensor data logging

Kit requires the SkyHub onboard computer to log the data. 

SkyHub integration allows the sensor to be used with various drones, including DJI M350/M300 RTK, DJI M600/M600 Pro, and Pixhawk-based drones.

Geolux RSS-2-AB is an "airborne" version of the Geolux RSS-2-3000w sensor.


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