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UgCS v.5.0 is out Now! Click here to get started »»»
UgCS v.5.0 is out Now! Click here to get started »»»

Laser Falcon methane detector

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Laser Falcon is sensitive only to methane, so no false readings of other gases are possible. It is a class 3R eye-safe laser.

The concept is based on Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy. The laser emits light (spectral range of 1,65 μm), which reflects back and is captured by the sensor. The outgoing and incoming signals are compared with the built-in reference cell. If methane is present along the laser path, the laser light is partially absorbed. An algorithm calculates the gas concentration in ppm×m (parts per million multiplied by meter). The value is instantly transferred to the remote control (RC) of the drone pilot and to UgCS software.

HS Code: 90271010 (Electronic gas or smoke analysis apparatus)

Transport box size and weight: 210 mm x 210 mm x 150 mm, 1kg

Please note that additional components and software must be ordered to use this sensor with drones. It is recommended to order a complete set.

Recommended auxiliary sensor: FT Technologies FT742 wind speed and direction sensor.