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Radar Systems Zond Aero LF GPR - 50MHz antenna

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3,496.50 USD
3,496.50 USD - 3,496.50 USD
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50MHz dipoles set for Radar Systems Zond Aero LF GPR.

Set includes:

  • 2x 50Mhz dipole (1.5m long) for Zond Aero LF
  • 1x Plastic rod
  • 3x Clamp type 1 (between rod and Aero LF)
  • 5x Clamp type 2 (between rod and dipole)
  • 2x Plastic cap for dipole
  • 2x Custom legs (skiids) for DJI M600 Pro drone

Note regarding legs of the drone: 

Drone legs should be made of non-conductive materials. Carbon-fiber used to make legs for most of the drones is a conductor, so standard legs should be replaced with custom legs made of plastic. For other than DJI M600 types of drones instead of ready-to-use legs we can supply legs without attachments for M600 for quick adaptation. Please reach us for details.


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