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Expansion pack for Drone Show Software with active support

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$17.00 - $17.00
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Enter the license code of Drone Show Software to proceed


Expansion pack for the license with active support of Drone Show Software, starting from a minimum of 10 drones, to expand the drone count for a fixed time period. E.g., if you have a license of Drone Show Software with active support for 100 drones, but for a specific event, you need to fly 250 drones - you can purchase the expansion pack for 150 drones for the duration of the event.


  • The Expansion pack can be purchased only if you own a DSS license with active support, starting from the 2nd year.

  • First, please copy-paste the DSS license code for which you require the Expansion pack

  • Specify the number of additional drones you need for the Expansion pack (e.g., if your license covers 100 drones but you need the Expansion pack for 255 drones, then the Expansion pack should be purchased for 155 drones). The Expansion pack can be acquired, starting from a minimum of 10 drones.

  • Next, specify the time period during which you intend to use the Expansion pack.

  • Verify the provided information, add the product to your CART, and proceed to CHECKOUT.

  • Following a successful transaction, the Expansion pack will be activated. You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. If the email doesn't appear in your Inbox within 30 minutes, please check the SPAM/Junk folder.