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Training: UgCS AreaScan and True Terrain following missions

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Training is recommended for users of UgCS software and Integrated Systems who already have basic knowledge of UgCS.

Can be provided at the SPH Engineering office or using video conferencing software.

Duration: up to 6 hours.

The price is for a group of up to 4 students.


Completed UgCS Basics training or the same knowledge and experience.

Prior to this training trainee has to perform automated test flight using UgCS - Area Scan or Photogrammetry routes. Remote review of flight telemetry or photogrammetry result review will be performed at the beginning of the session. If a trainee can't demonstrate results of completed missions, the trainer will cancel the training session, and it has to be rescheduled.

Training outline:

  • Planning AreaScan missions using DSM (elevation data)
  • Installing/configuring SkyHub and altimeter on the DJI drone
  • Working with Custom Payload Monitor to control TTF/Grasshopper flight modes
  • Connection to the DJI drone using UgCS for the DJI app
  • Simulation of AreaScan mission using the M600Pro drone in flight simulation mode without an altimeter
  • Simulation of AreaScan mission using the TTF mode (how to enable simulation, how to start TTF mode, interrupt the mode)
  • Fail-safe actions in TTF mode
  • Planning and simulation of AreaScan/TTF mission where AreaScan is far from the take-off position
  • Simulation of a flight with a battery change
  • Safety considerations in TTF mode – what ~1s delay of TTF algorithm means in terms of speed and altitude
  • Practical exercises (if training is provided online - analyzing of customer's flights and remote support)
    • AreaScan mission flight without TTF
    • AreaScan mission using TTF
    • Changing batteries in the middle of the route and resuming the mission
    • Attempt to start TTF mode when the drone is above max altitude
    • Attempt to start TTF mode when the drone is below min altitude
    • Pausing/resuming TTF mode
    • Grasshopper missions


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